Laboratory & Hood Exhaust

Accurate measurement of fume hood exhaust provides essential information to the lab system for maintaining occupant comfort and safety, space pressurization relative to the rest of the building and/or other spaces, and confirms fume hood operation.

The products below are commonly used for this application.

VOLU-probe SS – Stainless Steel Traverse Probe with Transmitter

The VOLU-probe/SS Stainless Steel Airflow Traverse Probe is ideal for clean or harsh and particulate laden applications operating at temperatures ranging from -20 – 900°F. It consists of multiple Pitot total and static pressure sensing ports positioned along the length of each probe to traverse the duct cross-section. They average the sensed pressures in their

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ELECTRA-flo/SD Thermal Airflow & Temperature Measurement System

The Electra-flo/SD is an accurate, cost-effective thermal airflow measurement system specifically designed for VAV box installations and small duct applications using 4″-16″ ducts. The low flow measurement capability of the ELECTRA-flo/SD allows for reduced minimum airflow settings and increased system efficiencies while still meeting IAQ requirements. Installation and set-up are easy in both new and

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