Paper & Pulp Power Boilers

CA Station – Combustion Airflow Measurement Station

The CA Station measures the total and static pressure components of airflow. The combination and dispersion of total and static pressure sensing ports minimizes the effect of directional airflow, and the addition of the honeycomb airflow processing cell makes the CA Station extremely effective at accurately measuring airflow in limited straight duct runs.

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VOLU-probe SS – Stainless Steel Traverse Probe with Transmitter

The VOLU-probe/SS Stainless Steel Airflow Traverse Probe is ideal for clean or harsh and particulate laden applications operating at temperatures ranging from -20 – 900°F. It consists of multiple Pitot total and static pressure sensing ports positioned along the length of each probe to traverse the duct cross-section. They average the sensed pressures in their

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AUTO-purge III

Air Monitor’s AUTO-purge III is designed for applications where the continuous exposure to airborne particulate might impair the measurement accuracy of our Combustion Air Station (CA Station) or our VOLU-probe/SS array. When activated by one of our “smart” flow transmitters or a distributed control system, a combination of valves are operated to introduce high pressure,

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