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Air Monitor HVAC Family of Products Brochure

AMC HVAC Family of Products

Medición Precisa del Flujo de Aire para Aplicaciones Comerciales de HVAC

AMC HVAC Family of Products - Spanish

ELECTRA-flo Series Brochure

ELECTRA-flo Series Brochure

Air Monitor OAM II Brochure

AMC VOLU-flo OAM II Catalog Sheet

Industrial Brochures

Air Monitor Industrial Family of Products Brochure

AMC Industrial Family of Products Brochure

Air Monitor Industrial Frequently Asked Questions

AMC Industrial FAQ's

Industrial Application Questionnaire (pdf) Select below for other Ordering Documents

Industrial Ordering Information Documents

Air Monitor Family of Products Flyer

AMC Industrial Family of Products Flyer

Flow Measuring Probes

ELECTRA-flo/SD Thermal Airflow & Temperature Measurement System

ELECTRA-flo/SD Thermal Airflow & Temperature Measurement System

ELECTRA-flo Plus Thermal Airflow Measurement System

Electra-flo Thermal Dispersion Probes w/ Transmitter

ELECTRA-flo-FI Thermal Inlet Airflow Station


VOLU-probe Pitot Airflow Traverse Probes


VOLU-probe/FI Fan Inlet Airflow Traverse Probe

VOLU-probe FI

VOLU-probe/SS Stainless Steel Pitot Airflow Traverse Probe

Volu-probe Stainless Steel Probe Array

Flow Measuring & Control Stations

ELECTRA-flo/M and ELECTRA-flo/CM Thermal Airflow Measuring Station

Electra-flo CM Station W/ transmitter

VOLU-probe/VS Airflow Traverse Station

Volu-probe VS Traverse Station

Fan-E Airflow Measuring Station

Aluminum LO-flo Pitot Traverse Station

Aluminum Lo-flo traverse station

VOLU-trol/F Pitot Measurement/Control Station

Volu-trol F Outside Pressure Monitor

Outdoor Air Measurement Monitors & Stations

OAM II Outdoor Airflow Measurement System

OAM II Outdoor Airflow Station

Pressure Sensors

S.A.P./B.P.S.R. Shield Static Air Probe


S.O.A.P Static Outside Air Probe

S.O.A.P. Static Outside Air Probe

Electronic Transmitters & Transmitter-Controllers

VELTRON DPT 2500-plus Ultra Low Differential Pressure & Flow Transmitter

VELTRON DPT 2500-plus

VELTRON II Microprocessor Based Pressure & Flow “Smart” Transmitter

Veltron II

Room & Hood Transmitters & Transmitter-Controllers

SENTRY Room Pressurization Monitor & Controller

Sentry Room Pressurization Monitor/Control