ACCU-flo High Accuracy Stainless Steel Station

The ACCU-flo/NP is a combination precision nozzle and multi-point, self-averaging Pitot airflow measurement station. When combined with an ultra high accuracy transmitter, such as Air Monitor’s VELTRON II, MASS-tron II or VELTRON DPT-plus, the ACCU-flo/NP provides high accuracy (±0.5%) flow measurement for process monitoring and control applications. The combined effect of the integral flow straightener cell and the nozzle means little or no upstream straight run is needed to achieve the published accuracy. Constructed of either Type 316 stainless steel or carbon steel with a combination of welded and bolted flanges, the ACCU-flo/NP is capable of operation up to 900ºF and is suitable for application to corrosive gases within the limitations of Type 316 stainless steel.

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