The VELTRON DPT-plus transmitter is furnished with an automatic zeroing circuit capable of electronically adjusting the transmitter zero at predetermined time intervals while simultaneously holding the transmitter output signal. The automatic zeroing circuit eliminates all output signal drift due to thermal, electronic or mechanical effects, as well as the need for initial or periodic transmitter zeroing. For transmitters operating in a moderately steady temperature location (thus no thermally induced span drift), this automatic zeroing function essentially produces a "self-calibrating" transmitter. the automatic zeroing circuit will re-zero the transmitter to within 0.1% of its operating span; for a transmitter with a 0.02 IN w.c. operating span, this represents a zeroing capability within 0.00002 IN w.c. To permit manual calibration of the VELTRON DPT-plus, an electronic switch is provided to permit manual positioning of the zeroing valve.

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