Air Monitor Family of Products Brochure

AMC Family of Products

ELECTRA-flo Series Brochure

ELECTRA-flo Series Brochure

Air Monitor OAM II Brochure

Flow Measuring Probes

ELECTRA-flo/SD Thermal Airflow & Temperature Measurement System

ELECTRA-flo/SD Thermal Airflow & Temperature Measurement System

ELECTRA-flo Plus Thermal Airflow Measurement System

Electra-flo Thermal Dispersion Probes w/ Transmitter

ELECTRA-flo-FI Thermal Inlet Airflow Station


VOLU-probe Pitot Airflow Traverse Probes


VOLU-probe/FI Fan Inlet Airflow Traverse Probe

VOLU-probe FI

VOLU-probe/SS Stainless Steel Pitot Airflow Traverse Probe

Volu-probe Stainless Steel Probe Array

Flow Measuring & Control Stations

ELECTRA-flo/M and ELECTRA-flo/CM Thermal Airflow Measuring Station

Electra-flo CM Station W/ transmitter

VOLU-probe/VS Airflow Traverse Station

Volu-probe VS Traverse Station

Fan-E Airflow Measuring Station

Aluminum LO-flo Pitot Traverse Station

Aluminum Lo-flo traverse station

VOLU-trol/F Pitot Measurement/Control Station

Volu-trol F Outside Pressure Monitor

Outdoor Air Measurement Monitors & Stations

VOLU-flo/OAM II Outdoor Airflow Monitor

VOLU-flo/OAM II Outdoor Airflow Station

Pressure Sensors

S.A.P./B.P.S.R. Shield Static Air Probe


S.O.A.P Static Outside Air Probe

S.O.A.P. Static Outside Air Probe

Electronic Transmitters & Transmitter-Controllers

VELTRON DPT 2500-plus Ultra Low Differential Pressure & Flow Transmitter

VELTRON DPT 2500-plus

VELTRON II Microprocessor Based Pressure & Flow “Smart” Transmitter

Veltron II

Room & Hood Transmitters & Transmitter-Controllers

SENTRY Room Pressurization Monitor & Controller

Sentry Room Pressurization Monitor/Control