VOLU-trol /E Thermal Measurement and Control Station

The VOLU-trol/E Measurement and Control Station with ELECTRA-flo Transmitter utilizes the ELECTRA-flo Thermal Dispersion sensing technology to continuously measure and control ducted airflow. The combination of the integrated honeycomb cell air straightener/equalizer, precision sensor locations, pneumatic averaging of a large number of sensed airflow pressures and the symmetrical averaging assure and accuracy of ±2% or better. The flexible design has no size or capacity limits and makes the VOLU-trol/E well suited to VAV applications where noise control and installed system cost are important.

ELECTRA-flo Catalog ELECTRA-flo G5 Manual
SUB_3.73.00_R6_VOLUtrol_E ELECTRA-flo G5 Specification Submittals Prior to January 2017