ELECTRA-flo Thermal Airflow Measurement Probe Array

The ELECTRA-flo Thermal Probe Array utilizes thermal dispersion technology in multi-point probes to measure average airflow and temperature. The rugged anodized aluminum probes have aerodynamic sensor apertures that condition turbulent airflow, resulting in a NIST traceable accuracy of ±2% of actual flow.

Each probe array comes complete with an ELECTRA-flo G5 Transmitter that provides connectivity to BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU networks. Two analog outputs are also available for airflow and temperature. The G5 user interface displays airflow and temperature data. It also allows for easy access to all product configuration and field characterization settings. The true dual channel G5 transmitter option has duct size and sensor point allocation set independently for two separate channels.

ELECTRA-flo Series Catalog Sheet ELECTRA-flo G5 Transmitter Manual ELECTRA-flo 5 Series Thermal Airflow Measurement System Manual Commercial Specifications Commercial Catalog Installation Procedure - ELECTRA-flo/S5 Probe Arrays and Stations Archive (prior generation)
SUB_4.80.00_R1_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Probe__Sensor_Densitity SUB_4.80.02_R0_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Probe_Array_Order_Code SUB_4.81.00_R3_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Probe_Array_Internal_Mount SUB_4.81.04_R2_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Probe_Array_Standoff_Bracket_Mount SUB_4.82.00_R3_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Probe_Array_External_Mount SUB_6.91.00_R5_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_G5_Transmitter ELECTRA-flo G5 Specification Archive