ELECTRA-flo/CM Thermal Airflow Measurement Station

The ELECTRA-flo/CM Thermal Airflow Measuring Station combines thermal dispersion measurement technology with an integral honeycomb cell air straightener to assure measurement accuracy within ±2-3%. The addition of the honeycomb cell air straightener is vital to obtain these degrees of accuracy under turbulent, rotating and multi-directional airflows normally present near fan inlets or discharge ducts.

Each station is accompanied by an ELECTRA-flo G5 Transmitter that provides connectivity to BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU networks. Two analog outputs are also available for airflow and temperature. The G5 user interface displays airflow and temperature data. It also allows for easy access to all product configuration and field characterization settings. The true dual channel G5 transmitter option has duct size and sensor point allocation set independently for two separate channels.

ELECTRA-flo Series Catalog Sheet ELECTRA-flo G5 Transmitter Manual Archive (prior generation)
SUB_3.73.10_R5_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Station_Extended_Casing_3RD_Party_Damper SUB_3.89.00_R8_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_CM_Station_Circular SUB_3.89.02_R8_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_CM_Station_Rectangular SUB_3.90.06_R7_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_M_Station_Circular SUB_3.90.08_R8_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_M_Station_Rectangular SUB_4.80.01_R0_Commercial_HVAC_ELECTRA-flo_Station_Order_Code ELECTRA-flo G5 Specification Submittals Prior to January 2017