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Air Monitor has over 40 years of experience in providing airflow measurement and control solutions for the Industrial Process Industry. To best understand your airflow measurement and control needs, our Applications Engineers will visit your site to view your process and discuss what you ultimately want to accomplish. In turn we will provide product or engineered systems guaranteed to meet your needs. Each product or system we manufacture can be provided with start-up and training to ensure your staff is comfortable with operating and maintaining the instrumentation.

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industrial Products

Flow Measuring & Control Stations
FAN-E Airflow Measuring Station A multi-point, self-averaging Pitot traverse station.
LO-flo/SS Pitot Traverse Station A combination air equalizer-straightener with self-averaging Pitot tube traverse station.
ACCU-flo Nozzle Pitot Flow Station A combination precision nozzle and multipoint self-averaging Fechheimer Pitot airflow measuring station.
Combustion Airflow (CA) Measurement Station A multi-point, self averaging Pitot traverse station designed to provide accurate and repeatable primary, secondary and/or tertiary airflow measurement in gas, oil or coal fired power plants.
Flow Measuring Probes
VOLU-probe/SS Stainless Steel Pitot Airflow Traverse Probe Ideally suited for new installations or retrofit applications requiring accurate airflow measurement in locations having limited straight duct runs.
VOLU-probe/SM Airflow Traverse Probe Ideally suited for new installations or retrofit applications requiring accurate flow measurement in pipes or small duct locations having limited straight duct runs.
VOLU-probe/FI-SS Fan Inlet Airflow Traverse Probes A set of two offset mounted traverse probes, each with multiple sensors formulated on a concentric area basis.
CEM Continuous Emissions Monitoring Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for heavy industry.
STACK-probe/SP Operates on the differential pressure (Pitot-Fechheimer) method for measuring airflow.
Pressure Sensors
S.A.P./B,P,S,R Shield Static Air Probe The Air Monitor S.A.P. family of static air probes is designed for room or space pressurization applications where it is essential that the static pressure level within a room or space, and that of a reference pressure be accurately sensed, free of pulsations or effects of air movement in the vicinity of the sensing probe(s). Available in four mounting configurations: Electrical Junction Box, Suspended via 3/4" Pipe, Surface, and Recessed Flush Mount.
S.O.A.P. Static Outside Air Probe Designed for accurate and instantaneous sensing of outside static air pressure levels.
Electronic Transmitters & Transmitter-Controllers
VELTRON DPT Ultra Low Range Pressure & Flow Transmitter A cost effective ultra low span differential pressure transmitter designed for applications requiring DP or flow outputs for critical measurement and control applications.
VELTRON DPT-plus Microprocessor Based Transmitter Furnished with an automatic zeroing circuit capable of electronically adjusting the transmitter zero at predetermined time intervals while simultaneously holding the transmitter output signal.
VELTRON II Microprocessor Based Pressure & Flow "Smart" Transmitter.
MASS-tron II Microprocessor Based Mass Flow "Smart" Transmitter.
VEL-trol II Microprocessor Based Transmitter Microprocessor Based Pressure & Flow "Smart" Transmitter AND Controller.
AUTO-purge III Designed for applications where the presence of airborne particulate might impair the measurement accuracy of Air Monitor's Combustion Air Station or VOLU-probe array.
CAMS Combustion Airflow Management System Designed to fulfill the need for a reliable and accurate means of flow measurement in combustion airflow applications.
Accessory Products
Airflow Meters Both stationary and meter panels available.

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